What is a Constitutional Conservative, a Republican, a RINO?



Someone who wants to conserve the principles on which our country was founded and which enabled it to quickly become the strongest, most prosperous nation on earth and in history.

NOT:  Someone who doesn’t smoke, drink, do drugs, cuss, engage in extramarital sex, follows all the rules, laws and regulations.


Constitutional Conservative


See above, but esp concerned with following the Constitution in its clear language and meaning, as also documented in the Federalist Papers, and original intent.


Social Conservative:  believes the govt should be involved in legislating morality, not realizing that it can have disastrous effects when the current population and those in power have different morals.  Is usually also fiscally conservative, but is way more concerned with things like abortion, govt definition of marriage, and the war on drugs.


Fiscal Conservative:  Only believes in the economic aspects, not in legislating morality


Real Republican:


Believes wholeheartedly and consistently in the true principles of the Republican Party:


The party of the Constitution…every time, every issue, no exceptions…with fed govt limited to the “enumerated powers” clearly stated, that the Constitution is the “supreme law of the land” and that the fed govt is “supreme” ONLY when it acts under the authority DELEGATED by those “few and defined” enumerated powers, as emphasized in the 10th Amendment.

Decentralized govt

Smallest, limited govt

Low taxes

Low regulation

If you can see that redistribution of wealth by govt  is not just unfair but also wrecks the economy


RINO (Republican In Name Only), also call themselves “Responsible Republicans”


If you call yourself a Republican just because you grew up in a family that called themselves Republican

If you call yourself a Republican because you feel it gives you the best chance of winning your election.

If you call yourself a Republican but vote mostly with the Democrats

If you don’t know much about the US Constitution, maybe haven’t read it since high school or if you went to a public high school, maybe never even read or studied it at all ever.

If you think it’s a “living, breathing document” that does not contain eternal principles learned over thousands of years of history, but rather should change to fit the changing times

If you believe “compassionate conservatism” is more important than following the Constitution and limited govt

If you believe it is govt’s business to “create jobs”…esp govt jobs

If you believe it is govt’s concern to provide and control healthcare, education, food supply, housing, and everything for subsistence from the cradle to the grave

If you believe that redistribution of wealth is fair and helpful to the economy