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A Little Background Info


This is to remind ourselves--the ones who don't understand will not be convinced by reason or education--it is a waste of time that we do not have.  But the good news is that we don't have to persuade or convince them to our side.  We just have to separate out from them.  There are enough of us to populate several small states, states where we can live the way we know is best in our own lifetimes!


What is Govt and Why Do We Need It Anyway?


Use to to be might makes right:  material gain by plunder and killing

Govt instituted to protect private property so that wealth of all could be created and protected

With free enterprize and protection of priv property, mangets richer by SERVING his fellow man rather than by pillage and plunder


What History has Shown Us Over and Over and Over Again


The Principles That Did It

   Liberty Causes Prosperity and Happiness, the smaller the govt, the greater the prosperity and happiness

Trade causes prosperity and happiness

Division of labor, the price system and the free enterprize system

   Minimal Taxation:  encourages trade

   Minimal Regulation: encourages trade

     Equality under the law




Issues to be devolved to the state level



Environmental Protection, Land Use (local is always MUCH more stringent on controls than feds--feds USE the issue for other agendas, locals want a good environment to live in.)



Dept of Interior

Immigrant Services

Health Care


Safety Net



Social Security


Our Founding Documents:  A compact between states.  What produced the greatestest leap in human prosperity throughout history?


The Essence of the Constitution and The Myth of Federal Supremacy

The enumerated powers delegated

the 10th amendment

the general welfare clause

the necessary and proper clause

the interstate commerce clause


What happened?

the complacency from prosperity

the change in the immigrants

the progressive movements

special interest groups

the cancer of bureaucracy

the change from rugged individualism to collectivism, from protection of individual rights to democracy (tyranny of the majority, mob rule)

Incrementalism, constant little compromises, always in the inevitable direction of loss of liberty and growth of govt.


The Practical (vs legal) basis of state sovereignty:  In a nation of such varied values, we can all choose the type of govt we want to live under, and market competition will show the most successful ones, that cause the most happiness and prosperity




The Rightful Remedy to Lawless Federal Tyranny (all with model legislation)


Interposition-Montana State Militia, County Sheriff's

Montana Dept of Constitutional Analysis

Montana-regulated banking system

Federal Tax Escrow Acct





What is a Constitutional Conservative?  Fiscal Conservative, Social etc., Repuclican , RINO



Catalog of Federal Tyranny

persecution of ranchers, aquiring rural property for fed gain and to accomplish Agenda 21 depopulation of rural areas into the cities (for control)

labeling of domestic terrorists

killing of dissidents, kill lists

nationalization and militarization of local police

privacy issues--the whole purpose of the war on terror is to invade our privacy to control us "to keep us safe".


Privacy:  Amendment IV:  The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.




Environmental Protection

epa tyranny 

Environmental Control is more rigorous and effective (vs political) the more local it gets


usfs tyranny

dept of interior tyranny

irs tyranny

civil asset forfeiture




The War on Terrorism and on Other States (N.Korea, Iran, Russia, etc)




Surrendering our sovereignty to the UN and other countries:

redistrib of wealth to other countries through agenda 21, cap and trade, foreign aid, etc

allowing UN to own US soil

allowing UN to have troops on US soil 

Agenda 21, surrenduring our sovereignty to global govt


Catalog of Successful Resistance

state no gun control laws

state no marijuana control laws



Reclaiming the Republican Party,

Getting back to its core principles.

Election Reform



Campaign Finance

Term Limits


The Free State Project Idea in Montana and Wyoming:  Accumulation of Like-Minded People in certain states where there is hope for success in our lifetime.



Library of Great Quotes and Memes