State Level Government

What would "state level government" (as guaranteed in our Constitution) look like?


Because we have not seen it in our lifetime, we cannot envision the way it is SUPPOSED to be, with 50 free and independent states, each doing things differently and competing for citizens by providing that govt which best leads to freedom, happiness and prosperity for one subset of the people, and other states best servicing those with other values.


It's a system where no one has to debate the issues or fight or persuade the unpersuadable to their side, or compromise to a point where no one is happy, but instead, EVERYONE gets the govt of their own choosing, by choosing the govt under which they wish to live.


But because we have not seen it in our lifetime, even many of those who can see clearly that the fed govt has gone WAY outside its authority for 100 years are afraid to change it, not ready to be unplugged.   ("willing to long suffer a train of abuses while they are sufferable, rather than to alter the established....) 


People are scared that everything will fall apart without that massive Washington bureaucracy in place, that our civilization will collapse, because they have been raised and taught from early childhood that that is the case, the the govt is there to take care of them, "a safety net", and they fail to see the chains this dependency has placed on them.


Some people make the case that there is corruption at every level of govt, and of course that is true, but the more decentralized the corruption, and the closer to home it is, the easier it is to manage.  For anyone who might say "you can't fight City Hall' (definitely not true of course!), try fighting the Department of the Interior or even the EPA.  








Well, have no fear.  Whatever things are being done at the fede level that you are afraid of loosing can be just moved down a notch to the state level.    


Let's say you are afraid of losing environmental protection,  The US EPA becomes the Wyoming EPA.  Now who has the Wyoming environment more at heart?  And who instead uses environmentalism as a ruse to promote one-world-govt, which is why their strangling tyrannical rules are always more about power over your property than about anything effective,




And now here is the best part:  lets say you feel very strongly about an issue, like say gay marriage--there will be states where gay marriage is legal and encouraged, states that prohibit gay marriage, and even states that refuse to get involved in marriage at all, with the notion that t's none of their business.  So EVERYONE can have what they want and we don't have to have all this fighting and division about it,


Say you really like living in a welfare state.  There will be states that are extremely collectivist in policies, with cradle to the grave welfare, free medical, dental, housing, etc,  And there will be states where there is no welfare whatsoever and people in those states will have to accept "no safety net" when they choose to live there.



The Effects of State Sovereignty on Important Issues:


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