Reclaiming the Republican Party

Core Republican Party Principles:


Strict adherence to the Constitution

Smallest govt possible

Most decentralized govt possible

Least Regulation possible

Lowest taxes possible

Personal responsibility



Current deviants from these principles (we call them RINOs) practice these things:


~crony capitalism:  using govt positions for influence peddling ("bringing home the pork" is NOT consistent with Republican principles,  Neither is the use of govt to support certain businesses, create jobs, etc., in any way.  Republican means; Get out of the way and let the private sector work.

~go along to get along and anything to stay in office:  continuous compromise on above principles leading to incremental creep of socialist collectivism and away from our constitution.  Career politicians love to play the game-that's what it is to them-and rule #1 for them is do whatever is needed to stay in the game.

~"compassionate conservatism" just means you don't truly believe in the above principles, that you actually believe using govt force to loot and plunder the property of others to fund your personal charity is justified and a good thing,

~Use of govt force and taxpayer plunder to accomplish anything that is felt to be a good and beneficial thing.  Govt is the WRONG entity to accomplish good ideas.  Republican means businesses and individuals accomplish good ideas, through liberty and equal protection under the law.





NOTE TO MY BELOVED FELLOW TEA PARTY PEOPLE, kindred spirit Libertarians, Constitution Party members, and others who have abandoned the Republican Party:


We want the same things!  We have the same Core Principles.  Additional parties were only necessary because the Republican Party strayed from the above core principles.


If we can TAKE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY BACK to these core principles, rather than abandon it, we can all have STRENGTH IN UNITY and focus on and accomplish our common goals, rather than continue our failure through division.