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Endorsement:  Kristen Juras for Supreme Court


Endorsed by:

Ken Miller

Rep. Debra Lamm

Rep. Theresa Manzella

Peggy Hart

Senator Nels Swandal: 

"She would be an incredible asset on the Montana Supreme Court to anyone who values liberty and private property rights. We all need to work hard to get her elected." (State Senator Nels Swandal, attorney and former judge)

Supreme Court Justice #3: Kristen Juras - Kristenjuras@gmail.com www.Jurasforjustice.com


Yellowstone County Commissioner Denis Pitman - www.DenisPitman.com dpitman1@aol.com


Yellowstone County Clerk of Court Terry Halpin https://www.facebook.com/terryhalpinforclerkofdistrictcourt/


PSC District 2:  Tony O'Donell

Peggy Hart endorses​:

I agree with Kristen Juras for Supreme Court Justice #3
Believe Kirk Bushman should be reelected to PSC #2