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Please give us your contact info.  It can be kept private, or it can be public info on this website that you support this mission, but networking is a big part of the solution.  Facebook can shut us down anytime they want, and you can bet they are really eyeing that before the 2020 elections, so getting emails is especially important.



We are currently looking for about 50 candidates for legislature.  We have 4 weeks in which to do this.  We really need your help!  We need to know who is in which districts and have contact information, because we might need to pick your brain about who might be a good candidate in your district.  (Maybe even you!)

Please, please, please, give us your contact information and we will keep it private if you wish, or you can be part of a network of patriots in your area and in Montana by making it public.

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It's so important that we can maintain our network,

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