Meet Me in Montana Campaign

Positive feedback system


By allowing the fed govt to take over the majority of governing contrary to the clear words, meaning and intent of the Constitution, we the people have perverted the constitutional republic that was established by our founders to protect the life, liberty and property of the ultimalte minority--individuals--into the tyranny of the majority which is democracy, whereby the democratically elected representatives in Washington DC govern us all by mob rule.



There is no doubt we Constitutional Conservatives are the minority in this country right now.  When we see others we sometimes think...if only we were all together, forming a majority in one or several states, we could chose to go back to the Constitution in those states,


Because our fed govt is currently ignoring the constitution and its guarantees of protection of the life, liberty and properties of individuals equally under the law--which guarantees were supposed to protect us from tyranny of the majority--we now have that govt our founders warned us about:  The country as a whole has degenerated into a democracy where 51% of the voters can be bought off with the property of the other 49%.     There are now more people in the cart than are pulling it, and that is getting worse and worse until the cart breaks.    


picture;   we now have the govt our founders warned us about


And now, in addition to those US citizens already bought off with other people's money, the liberals are importing illegal aliens from South America and the Middle East as fast as they can to establish even more firmly a huge dependant class of voters that cannot be overcome.


We CANNOT and WILL NOT EVER convince or persuade these bought-off voters to our side.  The inclination toward liberalism is inherent in a person, probably a combination of nature and nurture--it's in their blood (esp if their family immigrated here less than 100 years ago) and they are steeped in the propaganda of it from earlist childhood.  They LIKE the idea of having big govt take care of them from cradle to grave and really are not concerned about liberty or independence--just have no use or desire for those things. 

















They say "a conservative is a liberal who's been mugged", but in actuallity, conversions are very rare.




So where does that leave us, as minorities who know a better way to live?


Well...we could do nothing.  We could remain where we are--maybe it's a nice warm state with a comfy climate where we already have family and friends and a job.  And we can just acquiesce to the increasing tyranny and keep paying them more and more of our blood, sweat and tears to do it to us.


Or we can make a sacrifice for Liberty, to be one of the few who will fight for the last hope we have of salvaging the miracle of prosperity and liberty that was America.  We can separate out from the states where we are helplessly outnumbered by the idiocracy and gather in states where we can have hope of influencing state govt.:  Montana, Wyoming, possibly several others.


Our founders pedged their lives, their fortune, their sacred honor in the name of freedom and many paid that ultimate price,  Our we not willing to make the effort to move from one state to another?
















This produces a positive feedback system:


The more liberty-minded, free-enterprise-loving Constitutionalists there are, the better will be the state govt and the more prosperous will be the state.


This will draw more of such people to the state...


...which will improve the state govt and state prosperity even more...


...and so on and so on.





































So we must:


~~encourage and support worthy voters to come to Montana

~~discourage liberals and mouchers (bought-off voters) from coming to or staying