Federal Tax Escrow Account

What it is:


It is a way to ensure that the hard-earned fruits of the labor of Montana citizens are not used to fund illegal, unconstitutional activity of the federal government.


The state of Montana collects all federal income taxes and every other kind of federal taxes and fees first into a Federal Tax Income Account, and protects Montana citizens from federal retribution 


It then forwards all funds that are required to fund that part of the fed govt that falls under its authorized enumerated powers.


The remainder is either used for the same purpose at the const authorized state level of govt, or passed down to more local or county or school district level or back to the individual, all based on prior legislative decisions made by the elected representatives of the State of Montana.

Here is "Starving Leviathan: Federal Tax Escrow Accounts", a short description from the Tenth Amendment Center.

This is the answer to the very big challenge faced by state and local authorities.  We send our tax money to Washington and what little they return of it in the form of federal funding of schools, law enforcement, etc, etc--has strings attached--they receive federal funding based on complying with the federal governments regulations.  Ths is the way to break that stranglehold.




Here is an example of a bill establishing a Federal Tax Escrow Account put forth by the brave liberty warrior Michael Shea, Washington State Representative in 2010.  Unfortunately it failed to pass,.  Hopefully we are more ready for these after 5 more years of increasing federal tyranny.