Environmental Protection

Say Yes to the Montana Environmental Protection Agency, No to the EPA



Many people are afraid that without the federal Environmental Protection Agency in control, the environment will be destroyed--they have been carefully and thoroughly taught to fear that.  


Conservatives love clean air and clean water and public open space areas and saving all the plant and animal species and the beautiful places of the earth as much as anyone.  


But we see too clearly that the current Environmentalism movement (that started in the 60s) is NOT about protecting the environment--it is about control.  It is a ruse to get gullible people of good intentions but limited understanding to actually WANT enslavement in a One World Govt.--they tell them that's the only way we can save the planet!


THAT is why we reject most environmental protection schemes, whatever comes out of the EPA or ESPECIALLY the United Nations.


We want environmental protection!  But we want it done at the state level, NOT at the federal or, heaven forbid, global level, where it is not only ineffective but dangerous to freedom.


We must devolve environmental protection to the state level, to the Montana Environmental Protection Agency.  


Then Montana must void and ignore the EPA and all environmental legislation and bureaucracy rules that come out of Washington DC, and protect its citizens from them.


Yes, of course, there can always still be abuse and corruption at any level of govt, but does anyone really think that Washington politicians care more about Montana's environment than do Montana politicians?  Or that they know better how to protect Montana's environment?  The more decentralized the govt, the less it serves as a magnet for corruption and influence peddling.