THESE ARE THE ACTIONS NECESSARY by the governor and state legislature to reclaim the authority retained by the states in the clear language of our founding document:




Resolution to nullify all federal activity outside of the enumerated powers given the fed govt in the Constitution and to not recognize unauthorized agencies within the massive Washington DC bureaucracy under the executive branch which are unconstitutionally writing law and enforcing such unauthorized “law”.




Establishment of a standing committee to constantly monitor and determine what federal activities and agencies are within the enumerated powers listed in the Constitution and which are not.




Interposition by the state of Montana, standing between the citizens of Montana and such unlawful federal activities—e.g., the determination to arrest and prosecute federal agents who illegally defy Montana’s nullifications and operate unconstitutionally and illegally within the state of Montana.




State Banks:  Allowance by the state of privately owned but solely state-regulated banks that are prohibited from allowing seizure of a citizen’s assets by the federal govt or any of its agencies except through state permission after state regulated due process.




Establishment by the State of a Federal Tax Escrow Account  to collect all federally mandated taxes on citizens of Montana and pass on to the fed govt only that amount which funds Constitutionally authorized federal activity and the remainder either utilize at the state level where those activities belong Constitutionally or return the funds to the citizens (probably a combination of both). 


This last is the most seemingly radical step to generate support for, but due to the state and local addiction to federal funds with strings attached, we cannot win back our Constitutionally retained state sovereignty without starving the beast in Washington.  They will otherwise continue to use the fruits of our own labor to fight back and enslave us.  (I can send you sample bills that have already been sponsored in other states.  It is definitely within a state’s rights to protect its citizens from being forced to fund illegal activity!)

Montana Federal Oversight Committee
State Regulated Banks
Federal Tax Escrow Account